Movie about siblings looking for a new home as their old home is destroyed

I vaguely remember some scenes which I believe all are of the same movie. I watched it about 12 years ago so it has to be from around 90s(maybe 80s)-00s.

2 siblings, brother and a sister I believe, are looking for a new home when their old one is either destroyed or burned down. I’m not certain if their main reason to look for a new home is because it was ruined or because they lost their parents but im quite certain they don’t have parents through out the movie.
Movie continues by them visiting some people which they might be related to.
One scene I strongly remember is where they visit a woman’s house, which is very cold and she tells them not to turn on the heating or the house will explode and they do just that which leads to house exploding.
Another scene which I’m quite certain belongs to the same movie is them being locked in a car and left on railway tracks by some man. They escape from it the last second.
And lastly they visit the destroyed home and as the camera spins around them the home is being rebuilt as in to show how it looked like before and i remember a red carpet and stairs being shown.

I’d really appreciate any kind of help. There’s also a great chance I mixed some of the movies together since I was really young when I watched that movie but I’m hoping that at least some movie can be found based on the description.