Movie about two dead bodies in the car


I’m looking for a movie probably from 90s.
The movie starts with a scene of a fight in a public toilet between two guys, it was probably some office, law firm or court. The main character pushed the second guy out the window into the bushes near the street and the guy died. After that the main character is trying to get into the bushes and get rid of the body without noticing by anyone but there was a stranger waiting for him near the body and he offered that he could help with getting rid of it. Main character agreed and they decided to put the body into stranger trunk but when they opened the trunk it appeared that in the trunk there is already one body. The stranger told main character that he needed to get rid of a body anyway so there is no difference if he was going to have one or two in his trunk. Then both of them agreed that they will travel together in that car.

As far as I remember the movie ended with a huge fight between them and they were trying to kill each other.
Unfortunately I don’t remember any actors :frowning:

Down, Out & Dangerous (1995).

Or in this list:,desc&title_type=movie%2CtvMovie&release_date=1980%2C2000&ref_=kw_ref_yr

Unfortunately it’s not the one and I didn’t find it on the attached list :frowning: