Movie from 1980s where man gets hunted in the jungle

Mom wants to find a movie that she watched in the cinema in the 1980s-1990s.

It’s about a man who gets hunted by rich people in the jungle. There is a scene where he finds a young boy hidden in the jungle and saves him. There is another scene where he walks along train tracks, probably to get a head start from the hunters.

In the end, he wins. He probably kills all the bad guys.

It is not “the running man” “Commando” “Predator” “the most dangerous game” “turkey shoot” “deadly prey” “hard target” or “surviving the game” or “escape 2000”

I’m thinking it may be The Animal with Rob Shneider as the movie ends with a hunt.

any chance it is “hard target 2”?

i know it is newer, but most of those plot points are in this one too