Movie from between 2002-2006 is my guess, kidnapping, drugs, dark comedy


I suddenly remembered a movie I watched somewhere between 2002-2006 I guess. I rented it from a Pay-Per-View channel, so I will guess the movie came out somewhere around 2002-2006 because it was only new movies possible to rent on this service if I remember correctly.

What I remember from the movie is that a girl is being kidnapped in a motel/hotel room, and strangled totally naked. Its a lot of drugs in the movie, and something about a pornshop. I would guess its an 18+ rated movie from what I remember. One of the main characters also have a Crocodile Dunee look. Like he is dressed like that typical jungle/forrest man with same kind of hat.
I think the main drug used is cocaine. I think that the camea focuses eyes very deeply everytime one of the main characters take it and like zooms into the pupils.

I know its not a lot to work with, and I have no idea if this movie was any popular or big. Something tells me that the name starts with S, but Im not sure.

Hope anyone will be able to help me =)

Ill also add that everything is very explicit. From the pornshop you see a real movie going on in the background showing some softporn, naked scenes through the movie shows everything from the front.
Very bloody after someone gets shot with a shotgun

“Spun” (2002)?

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Yes, thats the one =)

Thank you!