Movie from the 1990s or early 2000s

I am trying to find a movie where a woman is frantically looking for a man in a hospital, I think it was her partner or husband. Apparently, he has been kidnapped or detained against his will in this hospital. As she searches the wards, she opens a curtain in a ward (the kind that provide privacy to different beds in the same ward) and finds a skinny looking man tied up to the hospital bed, with an oxygen mask attached to his face. he is wearing only a pair of white briefs (they kind of look like diapers) and a yellow cable is entering the side of this underwear, presumably to apply an electric current to his genitals. As she opens the curtain and finds this man, he arches his back and pulls against his restraints, I believe it is because he got shocked down there. The woman is horrified, and covers her mouth in shock, but moves on. A group of people, including a woman (maybe she is the head of this hospital) is looking on from some control room. There must be a camera in this ward, so they can see this all unfold on a monitor. She smiles sadistically, because she is amused at what the woman found, and her reaction. I have been trying to find this movie for years.

Sounds a little like Extreme Measures from 1996. If I remember right they are torturing homeless to get parts to cure people they deemed more deserving. A doctor gets involved and a nurse is trying to find him after everything blows up. I can’t remember the shocking and stuff. There is also the TV show Manifest from 2018 I think it is season 2-4 they find the people who “came back” in an underground bunker being shocked and tortured but that is much newer.

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