Movie I am trying to remember without title or actors names

So probably classed as a romcom or at least darkish comedy.

Starts with a couple (may be married) breaking up and he leaves for a trip on his motorcycle to get his head together. Early on in said trip he breaks down, on a bridge. He ends up calling partner to rescue him and she does, bringing a pick up truck (I think).

They get talking and end up spending some time together. As a result of a discussion about their relationship she suggestd they write a wish list of five(?) things they wished the other would do for them. Cannot remember all of them but he wanted her to dress as a cheerleader. She requested a threesome which was especially funny when she explained it was another man rather than his fantasy.

They then realise that there is someting worth saving. Whilst it is not a great movie I do have an itch to watch it again.

Appreciate any help.


when did you see it? it was in english? any nudity? he made a list too?