Movie I cannot remember the title of

Okay so this movie isn’t in English, I don’t remember what language but I believe possibly Korean or Japanese, I watched it on Netflix quite some time ago but I can’t find it and I’ve been looking for it for like 2-3 years. It begins with some ‘angel’ type spirits in a cloud landscape watching after these two souls that were meant to be passed down and recycled. They messed up through some shennanigans and the souls got swapped, the “demon” soul going to a human boy of the chief(?) warrior(?) of the village’s pregnant wife. The kid was absolutely unruly and caused tons of problems even though he was only trying to help, and they kept him in a barrier and locked his powers away with a gold ring around his neck. The “good/holy” soul went to the son of the dragons who had been chained away, and his job was to kill the holder of the demon soul to free the rest of the dragons. The two meet each other at one point and sort of become friends, after the boy is cast out from the village due to some shennanigan misunderstandings. Then, a sly man (who I believed worked for the dragons) came to the human boy and told him everything, about how his powers had been locked away and his destiny of being the “demon” soul. (I believe this was at a party, perhaps his birthday?) and he took off the necklace, the boy allowed the demon soul to consume him and he became an adult-formed man and his powers were unleashed. Then the human boy and dragon boy have an incredibly awesome fight, where the dragon boy goes into his dragon form and I believe tries to drop a glacier on top of the village, but the human stops him after regaining some humanity.

I cannot find the name of this movie, nothing comes up, I’ve looked on many movie finding websites and I just really need to find this movie because it was visually stunning and I want to watch it again.

ne zha