Movie I've Been Searching For Over A Decade (PICS) - Scarred Me As A Child - Noone Can Find It =(

I tried many forums/websites like this and searched it myself quite a lot since I learned English but to no avail.

Here’s everything I can remember. Excuse the huge text and bad drawings please:

  • Most importantly: This is an old movie. Most probably early 2000s. It is live action throughout but employes some badly made animations sometimes.

  • The movie has a group of kids and very few adults. The children are of mixed gender but mostly boys. One of the boys is overweight. The group of kids might be mixed in skin colour.

  • It is set in closed enviroments like buildings, especially concrete cold enviroments. Usually big wide open concrete underground eviroments with low ceilings and some tight corridors and rooms.

-There are characters constantly missing or being left behind, triggering traps, being caught etc…

-Not a fantasy adventure movie. So it doesn’t take place in caves, classic fantasy worlds etc…

  • SCENE: There is a scene definitely set in an underground car park with many cars. There is something about the cars. They are all the same car or they are all old cars. There is some repetetion to places and happenings in a weird way I didn’t understand as a child.

  • SCENE: There is a scene where one of the kids sticks his head inside a hole on a machine or a wall/floor. He loses his head. The machine was calling for him or tricking him with something. Other characters were opposing him sticking his head in there or they were using him to be done with that trap so they can advence further. He might’ve turned back to the group of kids with a missing head and they were terrified. I remember the hole or his cut off neck had weird old timey outline animation. His severed head might be animated as well somewhere. Like dispensed out of the machine or something like that. No matter how they make this scene it’ll be creepy for a child.

-They might be trying to escape this place where the above mentioned things happen.

-There might be just one adult with the group of children. Guiding them but in a weird way. Like he is part of all this and he isn’t as helpful as he can be. The children always felt vulnarable and isolated. Never safe. He might be disappearing and coming back or was a short time character.

-I remember old scifi-ey themes and some horror adventure themes. I remember feeling tense and little creeped out. I think it was one of those movies scary for children but people making it though some of the things were just funny. It might not have been made as a horror movie. Just horrifying to children sometimes.

-I remember other little bits and pieces but not well enough to describe much. It felt like a survivor type of violent sci fi adventure movie made for kids. There was always a danger of being killed or being injured. There was a theme of escaping this place and being guided out of here. I remember the group shrinking and losing members. I even vaguely remember blood or murder but I’m not sure. There was a sense of materialism and individualistic behaviour. I felt like everyone lacked a lot of emphaty and a lot of it scarred me.

Subterano (2003)

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