Movie my daughter insists we watched

Need help finding a movie that my daughter asked about. She insists that I made her and her sister watch it. No idea of the time period… really could be any time from the 80s until now. It all sounds like something I would watch, but it’s not coming to me. Here are the details she rambled to me (take them with a grain of salt as she has changed her story a couple times):

  • Girl has a burned hand that is healed by someone she calls an “elf doctor” (her words) with some blue liquid
  • Girl saves her father by using some power she has to create an illusion of him going somewhere else. Some black smoke creature/enemy was after him
  • Girl, male friend, her father and the male friend’s father go on the run from this black smoke thing
  • Male friend’s father is taken by the black smoke thing in a barn
  • Girl and male friend go back in time to find something that can be used to fight the black smoke thing
  • That “something” is found in a corn maze
  • Father uses the “something” to fight the black smoke thing in a cave. The black smoke thing takes human form
  • Black smoke thing dies

Some ideas already that have turned out to not be it: A Wrinkle in Time, Inkheart, Labrynth

How old are the girl and her friend?