Movie name about aliens

Hi, please help me find a movie name about aliens. I saw it when I was a kid so I don’t remember a lot of details. This is what I remember:

  1. The main character was a boy that was being protected by a metal ball who followed him
  2. The metal ball is destroyed at the end of the movie
  3. In some Jump scare scene, the boy was in a very dark room and suddenly an alien appeared. Because of darkness, the alien is not well seen
  4. I saw this movie in the 80s, and it appeared to be of those years or at least 70s. Not older.

Thanks in advance!

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This reminds me of The Glitterball (1977) , a British children’s movie

Phantasm (1979) features a “metal” sphere object that chases a boy.

“The Alien Encounters” (1979) (TV Movie)?