Movie of the 80s or 70s of horror that a man that lives in USA is a phisisyan or medic lives in a house in suburbs, a beautiful maid that lure him , but in the basement there is a man monster that also maybe was a medic or physician that try to kill them

This movie i remember looks the scenes like a 70s or 80s movie and this man is a USA american citizen white , common short black hair that lives in a house where maybe he has his wife and a maid that is beautiful with big eyes, long hair, sometimes lure him. He lives in the suburbs with many houses at every side without gardens, with street to walk and cars parked. But the horror is that many times this man that maybe is a phisician or medic that heals people go down to his basement and a monster man that looks horror aspect, scary, frightening appears, maybe this monster was also a medic and pshicisyan and always from a corner or edge of the basement walk down stairs or walk from the darkness to try to kill this man. And many times he goes down to his basement and he see this monster man that try to kill him. Sometimes in the movie is heard a voice that tell what is happening in the movie like a third person like a tale when this monster appears. The movie has a great script and a great story. The visual effects of this monster were great without the concern that in that time there was no cgi.

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