Movie probably released before 2017 a girl's brother goes missing and she gets sick

I hope somebody can help me find this movie i watched half of it i believe it was 2017(ish) there was this girl that her brother went missing they didn’t knew where he was and she was slow getting something like anorexia and got sick because she wasn’t eating due to her brother’s disappearance, i specifically remember a scene where her teacher at school told her to get up and she fainted doing so, and that whenever she called his phone there’d be a scene showing a phone ringing in a dark room/place, only other thing i remember is that she got hospitalised and she wasn’t allowed her stuff till she got bette. I’m pretty sure it was a longer movie then the typical 1-2 hour ones but I wont give word for it. Can’t remember the girl’s name or any other name, pretty sure her parents where there and she lived with them. (I THINK but still not sure at all about this one that she had fainted at some point and hurt her neck) i hope so bad someone knows it I’ve searched the whole internet for it

Don’t Worry, I’m Fine (Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas, 2006).

Google: movie|film+“her brother”+missing|disapearance|disappeared+anorexic|anorexia

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