Movie scene query

When I was young around 25 years ago, I remembered watching a last part of a movie scene at the early hours in the morning where there were two siblings (older brother and younger sister) running away from home or someplace. In order to avoid getting caught, they had to disguise themselves where the older brother disguised as a mother and the younger sister disguised as a boy. I think the brother was wearing woman’s clothes with makeup and the sister was wearing boys clothes. There were in a restaurant having a conversation on why they were running away from somewhere.

Then I can recall at the end of the movie scene, a woman (assuming it’s either the mother or auntie) managed to find them near the cliff but unfortunately she fell off the cliff by accident. Both the disguised brother and sister looked on below the cliff.

Does anyone know the name of the movie that I just described? I’m trying to figure out the name of the movie.