Movie scene with a fatal fall in a warehouse?

I don’t remember many details about the movie, but I think it’s a thriller or drama. I think the scene I’m thinking about (the only scene I can remember) takes place in an empty warehouse or some other kind of big space. A “good looking” woman (maybe she’s a model, maybe she has a red dress) walks down some stairs without fences. Some men stands on the floor beneath, looking. The woman slips or something (maybe high heels causes a loss of balance?) and suddenly falls to the ground and dies. Cement floor. As I remember it the men don’t know what to do about the situation.

It’s possible that it’s a very insignificant scene because I can’t find anything when I google these details. There’s also a chance that she just falls and that there are no stairs. I was sure the movie was called something like “the stone rose” although I can’t find any movie with that name and I have no idea why I think that.

Thanks in advance :sweat_smile:

Wild guess