Movie that feels like a distant memory

I was pretty young when I watch this. Can’t even remember if it was a movie or tv show. Only thing i can “remember” was there was like a woman who was a leader/mentor possibly training 3 other women (possibly Asian?). I don’t know what training to be exact or if that was the case in general. I do recall 1 particular scene vividly. They were trying to guess wines. Tasting different wines and guessing what they were. Specifically a line of one of the women guessing “table wine”. Then the 3 “trainees” began to feel off and eventually were in paralysis of some sort. The leader then proceeded to order her henchmen to rape the other women. I think two of the Henchmen even high five at one point, maybe they switch girls also, idk. Now i was young and sex was pretty taboo at that age so thats probably why i remember that specific part. But that’s it. I remember nothing else. Looking to put the puzzle pieces together and find this movie if anyone can help.

“Naked Weapon” (2002), original title: “Chik loh dak gung”?