Movie Title? British but good ;)

I Saw this movie near 2012-14, it was made then or within 5 years.
Not a chick flick either
No well known actors

It was a British movie, about 2 female best friends coming of age.
In the very beginning the one tells the other she’s going to marry her brother, which they laugh about.
Throughout the movie they are dating guys, and one sleeps with the others BF…during which this song is playing:
Imagination - Body Talk - Official Video - YouTube
Near the end the one decides she doesnt want the friendship anymore, and plans to move far away, but the other begs her not to.
At the very end, the one ends up marring that brother and they have kids together.
Dont remeber much more, but it was a likable movie with an emotional ending

MrDontknow solved the riddle by himself. =o)