Movie/TV movie where mother dies from complications from childbirth


First of all, please excuse my English - it’s not my mother tongue.
I’m looking for either a movie or a TV movie (probably a TV movie) that was made somewhere between 1990-2007. It was shown on the Hallmark Channel many times, and I’ve gone through the whole list of their movies but it’s not on it. I can’t remember the name of the director or any of the actors that were in it. I’m pretty sure there were no A-list actors in it though. It’s either an American or British production - I’m pretty sure I remember they spoke with an American accent. The movie was mostly in English, but there were also scenes where the characters spoke either spanish, italian, or portuguese (sorry, I can’t really tell the difference), but I’m pretty sure it was italian because the town in the beginning of the movie looked like a typical italian town.

This is all I remember of the movie:

The movie either starts (or at least a scene close to the beginning of the movie) with what seems to be an italian town somewhere around early to mid 20th century. A row of people are walking from the town to the harbour where a big boat is waiting. Amongst the people that are walking, is a young boy (around 8-12 years of age) and his very pregnant mother. I’m guessing they’re all supposed to be immigrants that are travelling to America. Once they get on the boat they walk past the American doctor on the boat, who’s also a drunk. He tries to talk to the boy’s pregnant mother in English, asking her when her due date is, but she doesn’t understand since she doesn’t speak any English. During the night, the mother goes into labor in the boat cabin (which has bunk beds) and the boy goes to try and find the doctor. He runs through the corridors and knocks on all the doors but no one is answering. Finally he finds the doctor who is sitting in his room with the door open, extremely intoxicated. The boy screams in his own language that his mother is in labor and about to give birth any minute and that the doctor has to come. The American doctor can’t understand him since he doesn’t speak the boy’s language, and also he’s too drunk. Finally, the doctor remembers that the boy was travelling with a pregnant mother, and he understands that she has probably gone into labor. The doctor follows the boy back to their cabin, where the mother is, either lying on the bottom bunk or she has fallen down on the floor (I can’t remember which). The doctor gets the mother lying on her back on the floor, and he soon realizes that it won’t be an easy birth. He gets out obstretrical forceps and delivers the baby that way. The baby is fine (can’t remember if the baby was a boy or a girl), and the mother seems to be fine as well. Later that same night, the boy lies down next to his mother in her bed, and they fall asleep. The next morning, the boy wakes up and he tries to wake up his mother who appears to be sleeping. She doesn’t wake up, and then the boy removes the blanket from her body, and his mother’s white nightgown is completely covered in blood from the waist down - implying that she passed away from complications from childbirth. I think there was a time jump into the future somewhere after that… that’s all I still remember of the movie, I’m afraid. I used to remember more but it’s been so many years since I last saw it, and I forget more each year that passes.

If anyone can remember the title of the movie, it would be much appreciated!


lives of the saints


Yes! That’s the one! Thank you so much! I never thought I’d be able to see this movie again, I’ve been looking for it for so long. I got some details wrong, but you still managed to find it - very impressive! Thanks again so much!


glad it was right. enjoy