Movie where a man killed his wife and made a "car accident" to cover his murder

Many years ago (about 15) when I was a kid, I remember watching a thriller movie on the TV with my parents (they didn’t know it was a thriller), and I remember the story seemed very very interesting (at least for my younger me). I don’t remember exactly the plot now but if I am not mistaken, the couple was in a very bad state and husband didn’t want any more of her so he killed her, i think they were driving on a highway where things got very bad between them and the man decided to kill her. He then putted her on driver’s potition, put the car in drive with her feet in the gas pedal and made it look like she killed herself. I hated him and wished he will get called by the police or something (back then). Parents got dissapointed when they realised movie involved killed and blood so they closed the TV :rofl: After so many years, I still scratch my head, what the finalle could that be, is the killer punished?? Most probably it was an American movie, and it didn’t seem “new” for the time shown on the TV, so it must have been casted around early 00s or late 90s…

If someone has any idea, it would be pretty much appreciated !

Thanks a lot

The Deep with Michael Douglas maybe?

I only found a 1977 film with that name but michael douglas is not there and also the movie i was talking about is newer I suppose and it involved a car crash on the hightway to fake murder, i am sure about that because that was the scene that was ingraved in my head… Maybe it’s another name you are trying to tell?
Thank you anyways.