Movie where girl and mother move into a new town and girl meets strange “friends” who shoot her

these are parts of the trailer or something or parts of the movie. where the mom and daughter are moving into a new town and the girl and her mom are at a gas station I think and she tells her not to get out and she does and then another scene is where the girl meets 2 guys and 2 girls or I think only 1 girl idk I thinks 2 and then at night they go together in a car and they tell her to get out the car because there going to show her something and they’re at like a field/ woods but there’s a small field of grass where there’s a tree in front of her and then they make her turn around and close her eyes and then the scene ends with with the guy shooting her in the back of the head I think it doesn’t show it but it just shows a click or the gunshot sound and the screen goes black

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