Movie where if the protagonist gets hurt, in stead the person the hurter loves the most gets hurt

idk if I’m even allowed to divulge this, but I was using putlocker in like 2016 to watch movies, I hit random and decided to watch the first movie that came. it had a very generic title that I can’t remember. Mind you, the movie could’ve been released anytime before 2016, but my bet is that it was during the 2010’s
it’s about a person in either his late teens or early twenties, the movie starts with his mom’s funeral, during which he’s sitting and drawing and other people in the city are commenting on it
he is more or less shunned by the society of the movie in general, and that his mom has been protecting him all his life
we learn that he has the unique ability that if someone physically hurts him, instead someone else gets hurt, and that someone is the person the puncher loves the most
so there’s an evil police officer, (he plants drugs in an immigrant’s house to convict her and get her out of the country (people really don’t like immigrants in this movie))
and he at some points really starts punching the main character, and it really hurts his son
there’s a scene where a self-obsessed woman punches the main character but she gets hurt herself instead
the love interest of the main character is a girl working at a cafe (or possibly a grocery store), she dreams of being a singer and at some point in the movie has an acoustic guitar and sings a song
I also remember a scene where the immigrant woman is trying to buy groceries for her and her child, and her card is getting declined and she’s asking over and over to try again, where the cashier gets annoyed and says that her handout money from the government hasn’t come in and that she should just leave
I do not remember any actors, I believe they are low-level no-name actors anyway, the movie seems very obscure, I’ve been looking for it since 2016 to no avail, please help


no chance it is “unhealer”