Movie where kids get trapped in miniature world

I’m trying to remember a recent movie (2004-2019) that came out in theaters. I thought Carla Gugino was in it but none of her movies from that time period seem to fit. The plot was something about a teen girl and maybe her little brother, they go to a convention center and there was a miniature world on display that looked like a theme park with different lands. Somehow they get transported into this miniature land and basically they have to survive all the lands. Maybe one land was a tropical island, and one was a pirate ship? The opening scene was the girl in her bedroom, and I think she was singing, and the ending scene was maybe a security guard locking up the convention center for the night and maybe he saw something in the miniature move, and then a scene on the street that looked like New York? This is going to keep me awake all weekend if I can’t figure it out!

Found it! Playmobil: The Movie