Movie with a chase scene in a gay bar?

Hi all, I’m searching for a movie I only vaguely remember seeing about 20 years ago in that late night time slot on Starz when they’d show offbeat or lesser known movies. I don’t remember much about the movie I’m looking for, but I remember one scene pretty clearly. It’s an on foot chase (it’s possible the bad guys were in a car but got out) that goes into a gay bar. The bad guys, of which there are two, are shoving patrons out of their way to chase the good guy. At one point one of the bad guys says something like “Out of my way, you f-ggot!” or maybe it’s “Get your hands off me, you f-ggot!” In response, a very muscular and tall man stands up, approaches the bad guys and says “Excuse me, I’m a f-ggot too!” and punches both of the bad guys, letting the good guy get away. I want to say the muscular man had a European accent but I could be wrong about that. I believe it was from the 80s or early 90s, but I could be wrong about that as well. I’ve been looking for this movie for many years and any help would be appreciated.

Because I’ve been looking for this a long time, I ruled out the following movies:
Police Academy (the scene plays out very differently)
Cruising (this one scene is a throwaway chase sequence, the movie is otherwise not related to gay bars)
The Outsider/Le Marginal (has a similar scene but there’s no chase involved)
After Hours (does not contain a scene like this)
The Man from Majorca (not sure why this one has been suggested, to be honest)
Wayne’s World 2 (the scene and movie aren’t as comical)

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Probably not it but in Waynes World 2 they are chased into a gay bar all dressed as members of the Village People and end up doing the YMCA dance on stage.