Movie with a group of Asian villains led by a woman, 1950s-1960s

I am looking for movie, because RustyShacklefurd from other message board wrote this post, but I don’t have too many ideas.

If I remember correctly it was a color film. I don’t remember anything about the plot and probably was too young to understand it. All I remember is the good guys were white people and the bad guys were a group of around 3-5 Asian men led by a middle aged woman. If I remember correctly the entire movie all took place in a large city in America or somewhere else in the West. There was a large comedic fight at the end of the movie. At one point in the fight one of the Asian men went flying through the air and one of the white men caught him on an accent chair that he held on top of his head.

I’m not entirely sure it was from the 1950s-1960s but I remember it clearly having the “look” of being from that period. It was technicolor (unless it was actually black and white and I remembered wrongly) and I remember all the characters being dressed very formally in the way that movie characters always were back then. All the action and movement in the movie make it look like something from that period, especially the large comedic fight at the end of the movie that I referenced earlier. To add to what I said before about the Asian villains, I only remember the female leader being formally dressed. I remember the Asian men under her command being all dressed the same and rather plainly. It took place in an American city or somewhere else in the West and the Asian bad guys were the only Asians in the film.

Any interesting idea?