Movie with a Scene with Stage Musical

I can’t find a movie with a scene where a child? a family? happens to see a stage musical. I don’t believe this film is based on this scene. But it’s the only scene that I remember. In this scene, there is a man on stage with long blond hair and he’s supposed to be some romantic hero or something, and he’s singing and it may be a musical about pirates. (That is, this scene within a movie that has nothing to do with musicals or pirates.) I think it’s a family friendly film and it may have been made in the 90s or early 2000s. I have literally exhausted every ounce of ANYTHING to find this movie.

I was mixing things up in my brain. I was remembering Frik in Merlin 1998 standing on a table and waving a sword.

So… Merlin 1998…

I’m not bright, you guys. xD

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