Movie with unusual beach scene

Hello. My desperate soul cannot find, where does this scene comes from. Does anyone know please? There’s a list of movies at the end, but it didn’t help me at all, though i think it’s incomplete. Also, don’t get confused by the music from E. T. Please, take look:

The immediate next scene is easy, that’s Beetlejuice. So, let’s check the credits… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

The film immediately before Beetlejuice is… The Little Mermaid. Hm. Preeeeety certain that’s not it, I’d have remembered it. :slight_smile:

IMDB lists all 450 films, but also not in order. Going through all of them it’s a bit more than I wanted.

Here’s the credits’s position around Beetlejuice, for everyone else.

Hello, thank You for trying to help, but I have crashed at the same thing. That another scene from that movie had to be used before, though it’s not from Beetlejuice for sure. Googling Hot Shots does not help either, so I guess my next stop will be asking the Final Cut’s director straight. : D