Movies about 2 Doctors and Maid

Found this site on google. Hopefully someone can help.

Spoiler Alert

It was a husband and wife, and both were doctors. And they had a latino maid who would send the money back home for her children. The 2 boys were staying with the grandmother and the mom was saving up to buy them a home back at home. SHe was so good with the kids, the mother doctor who was still pretty young began to get jealous.

The father on the other hand would take trips to I believe south america where he met and fell in love with a young girl who was underaged and promised to get her out of the life or prostitution. Towards the end of the movie the girl was waiting for the doctor to arrive and take her away, but he left her, and she was forced to go back to prostitution.

The boys who were also waiting for the home to be built, had to fend for themselves as their grandmother was up in age. At the end of the movie the oldest brother meets some kids who told him about making money and standing in the center of a heavily trafficked marketplace, unknown to the little boy, the other boys were child prostitutes. And he boy ends up found dead at the end of the movie.

ANy help will be appreciated. Google was no help at all.