Movietitle-help! about a boy who don't speak!

I am looking for a film I haven’t even seen, just read about it a time ago on the internet somewhere. All I think I remember is that the title was something about “the boy who didn’t talk/speak” (or didn’t want to?) or maybe the title was just the boys name. I don’t remember at all and I have googled all morning, believe it maybe was based on a book, it maybe was a TV movie or maybe not… The boy was pretty young, I thought at first he was played by Scott Colomby or Billy Jayne, but it seems not to be one of them. So that was a dead end. I also think the cover of the film was in a greenish colour, if that helps. Set somewhere late 70s-mid 90s. I hope someone knows what I am talking about and can help me out! (sorry if my english isn’t very good). Thanks! (the film was american or brittish).

Hoping The Perks of Being a Wallflower might be it–

Movie based on a book with a title that implies not talking. Poster has a boy wearing a shirt and blazer with a greenish background and the film is set in the early 1990s.

…And Your Name is Jonah (1979)?

Run Wild, Run Free from 1969?

Or maybe The Boy Who Could Fly?