My brothers and I have been looking for a movie for 17 years!

It was set like in the 60’s or 70’s a group of friends go to a cabin the woods and they find a native Indian, get drunk and hang him. The Indian cursed them where they would all die but each person would have a dream or a vision of how the other person would die before it happened. Also, first boobs I ever saw and it was a red head.

was it horror? was it made in the 80s? can you remember anything else?


Likely made in the 80’s, and lower budget. For some reason I think it was Australian. I want to say there was also an older man in a cabin that had a younger girl living with him. Pretty sure it was unrated/NR. Pretty strict family rules on movies. No rated R movies could be rented, but we could bypass the rule with a sneaky NR rating. Hence the boobs. We spent hours during quarantine trying to remember it.

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That would’ve been too recent. Appreciate the suggestion. This has bugged us for years