Name of a movie/film about the world stopping spinning

OK, im not sure if this was a film/movie or a tv show like the outer limits or the twilight zone but here goes.

It was a black and white film with a guy chatting in a bar and they were discussing how great it would be to have special powers, then one guy says he’ll try and turn the lamp on the wall upside down, so he wishes it and to his amazement it turns upside down. the rest of the film is about the guy seeing what else he can do with his new found powers and each time he wishes for bigger and bigger things until at the end of the film he was challenged that he cant do anything he likes to which he furiously claimed he could, He could stop the world spinning and then attempted to prove it by stopping the world and everything on the world carried on moving, even tho the world had stopped, thus destroying it. Then at the end we see the earth from space and 2 gods discussing the fact that hums just aren’t ready to handle such absolute powers and they then reverse time to where it all began with the guy at the bar chatting about having powers. This time when he wishes the lamp to turn upside down, it doesn’t do it and he goes home disappointed that he cant do it.
That’s all i remember but it was from the pre-60s era as I watched it in the 70s and it was an old film. Any takers? I remember the parts ive mentioned very vividly. Thanks all in advance

Is it The Man Who Could Work Miracles?

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