Name of children show?

Looking for a children show.

Children (real, non-animated) interact with animated characters (possibly 2d characters). Animated characters are small or very small.

Viewed it between 1994 and 1999 on VHS. (Show may or may not have released earlier than 1994).

Show seems thematically oriented to character development or moral themes.

Actors: I thought the show’s cast included Frankie Muniz; I checked his filmography; I found nothing that matches description I provided.

can you remember any plots? christian themed?

There’s a whole list of movies that mix animation and live action:

But just by skimming 90s and 80s I couldn’t find anything that really matched your description.
Any description of what they did besides talk would be helpful.


a couple years later, but this keeps popping up



I found this.


The synopsis of this TV series is a 100% fit for the TV series I described. It is oriented to moral themes and self-development.


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