Name of film please


I saw part of it.

Content of scene: man and puppet / doll character.

puppet / doll character is “alive.”

man is trying to destroy puppet / doll character.

puppet / doll character dodges man’s effort to destroy it.

descrption of characters’ moods:

man is frustrated, angry. He knocks around things for a while to get at puppet / doll

puppet / doll character is jovial, mocking.

puppet / doll figure impales man’s hand with something sharp.

details on puppet / doll figure: may be wearing a court jester costume or something similar or equivalent.

I believe man does eventually destroy the puppet / doll. He begins to go through a change.

This is where my TV cuts off.

Context: viewed on TV 1999 - 2000.

1-10-2023 1:01 PM

Magic (1978)?

Maybe one of the Puppet Master series?

A jester puppet is the “main” character in “Dolls” 1986, but I don’t think you are looking for this movie.

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