Name of sad 70/80's child buddy movie

A film I saw as a child in the 80’s, so I’m guessing it was made then or late 70’s. It may have been a tv movie.

All I remember is that it involved the friendship between a white boy and black boy. Not sure what year it was supposed to be set. I think the white boy falls sick or is a weak child. The ending shows the two of them in a blizzard of snow and the black boy tries to keep the white boy warm and keeps repeating “I keep you warm”.

Then it cuts to a funeral and as the camera pans you realise that the black boy died, as the white boy is standing next to adults looking at the grave.

The movie had my mum, sister, family friend and myself in tears. Very touching and sad movie. Would love to see it again. Just need the name and year. Thank you.

how young would the kids be, teenagers?

I managed to find it. The film is called “Forever Young, Forever Free” (1975) Earlier than I thought it was.

I am glad you found it. I ran across that one several times, but I couldn’t find the blizzard or dead boy mentioned so I thought I was wrong thinking it was that…

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