Name of the movie: A group of prisoners have a plan to escape to do a robbery and go back to jail again

Please help me to remember the name of a movie where a group of prisoners have a plan to escape from prison, do a robbery, and get back to prison again as a perfect alibi.
This movie dont seem to be american (british peraphs) and is surely from 70´s or early

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Two Way Stretch (1960)?

Google: movie|film+prison+break|escape+rob|robbing|robbery+alibi

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I got the Two Way Stretch and it is not this. The one Im looking for had a character that is an old man, that was not part of the plan, that the gang needed to allow to get with them and back so he would not ruin the whole scheme, but he ends having kind of a heart attack or something, so they have to carry the dead man trough the whole situation, adding a completely new layer of jokes to the plot.

Un alibi per morire (1962)?

Good one too but not this either… There is a hint of comedy on the movie Im looking for and a hint of the ocean eleven (a super elaborated plan to commit the robbery and get free) . I remembered just now that they choosed a date where a soccer final is going on so the most of the people will be focused on it, so they can use this to help with the plan

Doing Time 1979?
“This prison comedy is based on the popular British television series of the same name. Long time Slade prison inmate Fletcher is ordered by Grouty to arrange a football match between the prisoners and an all-star celebrity team. Fletcher is unaware that the match is only a diversion so that an escape can take place. When Fletcher and his cell mate Lennie stumble on the escape, they are taken along, and find themselves having to break back into prison to avoid getting into trouble”

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Another guess:
“Money to Burn” (1973)

This one is similar, but not the movie Im looking for yet. One more detail I remember is that the criminals got in the jail oin purpose to have the perfect alibi to do the robbery

This is not the one Im looking for too. This one is a serious story and the one Im looking is for sure a comedy