Name that movie: a blind prophet who took a female apprentice, blind her by ravens eating her eyes

about 20-30 years ago, I saw an English speaking movie, where society was not an advanced one, they live in huts, and did not have electricity. They have a blind profit who “reads” with his fingers a tablet with lines on it, and warns everybody from a complete darkness. This profit takes on a female apprentice. He places a mask with holes where the eye are at on her face, and ravens eats her eyes, blinding her, just like him.

Once she is blind, she also can “read” the tablet with her fingers, claiming to be able to understand what is “written” there.

In the end the night comes, but there is enough light in order to see. Someone kills the profit by pushing him from a ledge to his death.

Do you know the name of the movie?

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Is it Nightfall?

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