Need help finding a horror/suspense movie from 70s - 80s

I saw this movie on Tubi and it’s not on there now. It starts off with a guy just getting done with the sex thing with some uppity female, and he’s wearing a mask. He kills the woman after an argument (dog is barking) an then he drifts. Meanwhile these two women have there own story going on and the older of the two meets a guy and shacks up with him and he’s considerably younger. He wants the younger (might have been mother and daughter) one and pursues her after being persuaded by the older to do so. There are killings going on and they begin to suspect him. The final scene was they both took turns stabbing him to death only to find out he wasn’t the drifter killer. It was some guy who was a teacher of sorts and had horses in some stable that the younger woman rode.

What is the name of the movie?!

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