Need help finding a sci-fi thriller!

I remember the plot to this movie where 2 astronauts wake up on a space ship with no memory of their identities or whereabouts. There’s also a third character who is another astronaut locked away in a cage/chamber of some sort. Essentially the plot is about the main character slowly uncovering the events leading up to the present moment and finds out the prisoner in the cage is actually a shape shifting alien that managed to get caught. All the while the prisoner is trying to convince the main character that the shape shifting alien is actually the third member of the crew who has tricked them both, and is desperately pleading to find a way to escape.
Very difficult to put the plot into words but I think I did a good enough job !
I’ve been searching forever and can’t seem to make any progress.

how new is the film? is it in english? “pandorum” came to my mind first, but could be other things if the movie ever has scenes off the ship…

do they ever have scenes off the ship?