Need help finding an old movie

I remember watching this movie wayyyy back when I was a kid since it scared me so much

The overall plot was about a haunted doll that haunts the main character and keeps saying “Hug me”

The scenes I remember is at the start the family moves into a new house and has to move a huge pile of stuff into the house and at the end the doll is lying under the pile

At the end at the final showdown when the doll is comming at the main character, this time with red glowing eyes and teeth going vertical, another doll enters the room and the evil doll happily hugs this one

can you describe what the doll looked like?

There is an episode of Night Gallery from 1971 that was called the Doll Episode. I am not sure if this is the one you are looking for.

There are many doll movies.

I haven’t watched the whole thing but there is one called Dolly Dearest from 1991 on YouTube. But maybe this one is it?