Need help finding this horror movie.nnnnnnnn

The opening scene shows two kids in front of a gate to an abandoned house they enter the gate and on the way to the house they went. They see a number on the door it was either 6 or a 9 i cant remember. The first kid goes in and starts to scream as he gets pulled by a mysterious force into the house and so does the second kid but this time the door force fully shuts and the number on the door fall and gets covererd in leaves i think.

Then the main cast the “friends” await for a returning friend from college (boy) and as a surpise they take him to go check out an abandoned house like before. They arive and just like before, they enter the gated house as they go inside, the camera shows the outside one last time, showjng the pile of leaves revealing the number of the door. When they go inside the door shuts again. The friends think that some one is playing jokes in the group. The inside of the house has furniture cover up with white sheets. As they start to explore the house one of the friends ( girl) sees a mirror not covered all the way and removes the sheets. She sees herself geting dismorphafied idk, and she gets scared and tells the group and thats the lat thing i remeber. Please if anyone remembers this movie can u share the name

This one?

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