Need help to find an old hacker movie

I had only watch a few minutes of the film with my dad before school and it was 2003. so the film must be from 2003 or older than that for sure. here is the plot -

The victim is working at a place with high security like a bank or CIA. A group of criminals are taking his family as hostage and send him to work to do something for them. They attached a body cam around his chest. He tried to cover camera by hugging his co-worker and tried to do something but didn’t succeed for some reason. He then tried to send email on his computer but facing his body the other way pretending to listen voice messages while his head is facing to his computer. while he was typing only a few words, those words get disappears letter by letter and a new threating sentence like “don’t even think about it” appears on his screen.

The year does not match, but maybe
“Firewall” (2006)?

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thank you so much. this is indeed what I have been looking for.
my stupid brain thought it was 2003 and being stubborn about it makes me impossible to find it.
I can’t thank you enough.