Need help to find movie

The movie is about young man who comes to small town. He lived in tent untill friend brought him home and he than started living with family whose son is missing since he was a little boy. Mother is convinced she has found her missing son but father thinks she is just emotional. At the end he leaves, but he left a picture which proves that he is their missing son.

Not a movie, but a documentary, maybe
“The Imposter” (2012)?

Not that movie, it was classics movie, not documentary. And older then 2012. I was sure that Matt Damon played in it but there isn’t movie like that in his biography. Thanks anyway.

Not Matt Damen, but Stephen Dorff. “Always Remember I Love You” 1990 TV-Movie.

Here is an YouTube link: Always Remember I Love You - YouTube

You are a genius. Thanks.

Thanks for your response, you’re welcome. =)