Need help to find this movie title!

Hello, i am 12 years old and i recently remembered a movie that i watched when i was 6-9 years old, i don’t remember the name and the characters name, but i rebember that one of the characters is called sebastian and he was not alone in the adventure, i remember the movie was a children’s movie and it was set on the high seas or something, and I remember there was a scene where the characters were sailing and they found a black fog. i am from brazil, and in brazil discovery kids still exists. this movie was on discovery kids between 2016 and 2019, I don’t remember, I tried almost everything to find this movie, but I couldn’t find it. along side with this movie I remembered another movie that I managed to find, and it’s called: Pet Pals in Windland. i hope you find this movie for me, because it is part of my childhood. thank you so much to anyone who reads this post!

Thank you so much! i finally found it!