Need help with name of this movie about an Europe pandemic

I watched this movie long time ago - probably on a rented VHS from then Blockbuster, roughly
about the same time of Dustin Huffman’s movie Outbreak of 1995. However, the stories are
quite different. If I remember correctly, this is an European movie, not 100% sure though.
It could be a story in France or Spain (or other major European country). The plot is about
a city under siege during a war time, while suffering a pandemic at the same time. I remember
the army soldiers wore Napoleon time uniform, or maybe even earlier than that. So the time
should be around 17 or 18 century. One scene I still remember vividly is toward end of the
movie, a young couple in love were helping with the sick people in a war-ruined site and the
enemies are closing in. With the young man’s persuasion, the young woman rode on a horse
back and flee away. At the end of the movie, the young died either due to pandemic infection
or was killed by the enemy. It was a very serious and touching story.

During the recent Covid-19 years, I watched Outbreak again and it reminded me the above
movie. Unfortunately, I have had no luck finding the title of the movie, after searching and
searching. I would really appreciate if any one can help with the title of the movie.


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Two guesses:

Flesh+Blood (1985).

The Last Valley (1971).


I friend of mine suggested it is Restoration starring Robert Downey Jr. and Meg Ryan of 1995. I checked out the movie and think the year it was made and the plot all match my memory. But my memory is so vague now so I can’t be 100% sure.


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