Need to find this king movie name pls

I remember watching this english movie somewhere between 2000-2008. These are the ones that i vaguely remember about this movie. Would be great if someone could find the name of the movie. This movie is a period movie with kingdom and around it.

  1. Movie starts with a group of soldiers attacking a group of civilians. In that the hero is very courageous and fights against the soldiers.
  2. He is taken alive to the kings palace where another fight ensures and the king seems to die. The king instead gives the throne to the hero while he dies.
  3. Hero being the new king enjoys all the privileges and enjoys his time. He is attracted towards a women who is a guard. He is also lookout for an queen.
  4. That’s a time where a twist happens, where an evil minister resurrects an beautiful dead queen from the kingdom.
  5. The new king gets mesmerized on the resurrected queens beauty and marries her. But she wants to be the eternal ruler and disposes him to be killed by her subordinates.
  6. The king escapes from them and understands what has happened. In order to kill the evil spirit, he joins hands with the guard girl, her brother and few others and goes on a voyage to an island where ice or cold is what the central power there. The evil queen is like having the fire as the spirit and in order to fight against it ice or water spirit is required.
  7. The guard girl aka the heroine gets that power somehow and the hero takes her back to the kingdom to fight against the queen and kill her.
  8. Eventually they succeed and later they become the king and queen of the kingdom.

If someone knows the name of this movie, pls comment. It’s been years I’m trying to find this movie name.

is this live action or animated? american or british accents?

Kull The Conqueror (1997)?