New guy here, help me find TV show on netflix i watched long time ago i cant recall a lot

Couple years ago ( i gess 3+), i have watched a TV show i cant find anymore. Problem is i forgot the name of it. So im hopping some of you might recognize and let me know.
P.S. Its been long time some details might not be 100% correct. Also i have sort of “time disorder” time doesnt work for me like you guys, so when i say 2 years it can esealy be 7 years ago too.

Main facts:
Story consists from 3 factions.
Mostly woman comprised cast.
Marvelous clothing styles.
Fighting mostly based on martial arts and swords. (some guns if i recall corectly)

Story goes something like 3 divided factions, one is like black or red (forgot) who are like capitol or something, producing cotton or maybe oil (cant recall).
Second one are like blue dresses who are like rebels or something.
And kill me about 3th collor. And they are all fighting for power i gess.
In story i think leader of blue a girl, turns out to be like daughter of red called Barroness.

Thats all i can recall i gess, its all foggy as hell.
Soooo if anyone recogneze please lemme know. Thanks a bunch!