Nineties / noughties spy film, female lead betrayed by colleague

hi! I watched this film when I was a kid and I think about it ALL THE TIME but can never find it! I don’t know any of the actors or director (sorry)… this is everything I remember about it, please help!

It follows a small group of secret agents / spies (?), mix of men and women. The main lead is injured in a mission at the beginning, and I think is in a wheelchair for a significant amount of time / unable to go on missions. From what I remember she’s white and possibly blonde?

One of the other women is seriously pissing her off this whole time, basically trying to replace her, stealing her clothes and flirting with her man. The lead flips out at her and everyone thinks she’s crazy.

Anyway, turns out it’s this girls who injured her in the first place and is a mole or something???

I don’t know. It was definitely a b-movie, I watched it on television one time and it was silly but I really enjoyed it and just want to watch it again I guess.

I hope this terrible description sparks a memory in someone else.

we cannot be talking about “she spies” or “d.e.b.s”, right?

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could it be any of the “Charlie’s Angels” movies, or “v.i.p.”