Non-American Romance/War movie

So this is the plot of this movie. Boy moves to live with his uncle and aunt. Aunt is piano teacher and has little blonde girl as student. Girl moves to live somewhere else. Fast forward 10-15 years the boy is grown now and has friend group. New middle-aged woman in town is looking for someone to do the gardening and he accepts the job. He ends up sleeping with her. After a few days he sees a blonde young girl and they immediately fall in love. Turns out it is the same girl that went to his aunt’s piano classes. She invites him to her house and he finds out that she is daughter of woman he had affair with. Her mother forbids that love and in the meantime war starts, girl he loved marries his bestfriend… two friends become enemies… the rest is blurry, hard for me to remember but I know that in the end he is in like 70s/80s and finds his love’s address. He meets up with her son (or grandson) and finds out his love died and then goes to her grave as I remember.

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