Obscure film/tv episode - man takes a train and it pulls up in the middle of a field in the night

i have a really vivid memory of going into the living room years ago and my parents were watching something on the TV, and i really want to know if anyone else saw it/ what it was. this man takes a train, and it pulls up in the middle of a field during the night. he seems very confused, like why is there a station in the middle of this field? but all the other train passengers just get off the train and start heading off across the field in different directions, as if they’re all just regular commuters and this is normal for them. it gave the impresson that it was like he was the only one awake and everyone else was like in a simulation/zombie kind of state. like he was the only one aware, the only one that found the situiation odd, and he wasn’t supposed to be there (i think he also gets off the train and walks off too, as if to act natural). i remember it was very moonlit and there were some trees around the edge of the field in the background. the train tracks actually went into the field, the train wasn’t just driving on nothing. but the train tracks terminated in the middle of the field and didn’t go any further, like it was the end of the line. i was intrigued by the premise and think i asked my parents about it, but i don’t remember what they said. i’ve asked them about it in recent years and they have no recollection of it. weirdest part is i remember googling it a few years ago and i swear i came across a forum of other people talking about it, like they suddenly remembered it from a fever dream and also wanted to know what show/movie it was, but now i can’t find anything about it, no matter what details i google. i feel like maybe someone on the forum said it was part of an anthology of short films, but i can’t be sure if i’m remembering that right.
anyone know what show/film i’m talking about?
pls help me solve this little mystery :slight_smile:

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