Old action(?) film where weird guy dies in fire at the end

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve been going crazy lately trying to remember a film I watched with my parents when I was younger, maybe 10-15 years ago or something, not entirely sure when, but the film could be older as it was a dvd. My parents don’t know what I’m talking about either which adds to the frustration.

The film itself I can’t quite recall apart for some parts that stood out to me.
It was set in America and I remember a group of guys being hired (?) or deciding to break into a house. I think there was three or four of them. One of them had shoulder length dark hair and seemed a bit weird, he looked like he liked listening to metal, Brendan Lee from The Crow vibes for sure…
When they break in I think they maybe took the family hostage. I remember it had a little girl in it I think and she was possibly scared of the guy with long hair as he was brooding all the time.
I can’t remember the main plot but at the end all of the baddies get killed one way or another and the guy with the long dark hair gets set on fire in the house which I remember being disturbing as a kid, but it’s not a horror film as far as I’m aware more action/thriller.

Like I said I can’t quite recall so the details may be off but that’s how I remember it.

Feels like a long shot but please help me end my torment.

Hi Luxiin,

maybe you are looking for the movie Hostage with Bruce Willis.

as of minute 1:00