Old action/horror, people surviving a night at bar/cafe?

Pretty sure I saw this movie as a youngster, probably somewhere during the 90s. All I remember is that there was a group of random people, stuck inside a bar/cafe type of place during the night. And I’m pretty sure they got attacked by some night time type of monsters/creatures. One specific part I do remember very clearly is that, in the beginning of the movie - each main character was presented together with an estimated percentage of how likely they were to survive the night. Despite numerous attempts, Google has not been my friend in this case.


And this one dude, portrayed as the most bad*ss of them all with the absolute highest estimated chance of survival - he was one of the first to die - not long after that initial introduction.

Got hold of 'em both and it’s definitely “Feast (2005)”! Without a doubt! Scares me though how messed up my sense of time must be. I could swear that movie was way older than that! Years are rushing past!

Thanks a whole bunch for your help VHS_Lives - much appreciated!
And thanks to mimiko33 for your contribution as well! Will be watching that movie too! Got my gratitude mate!

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if later, one of the “Feast” franchise?