Old Animated childrens movie featuring giant catfish and wolves

This was a hand animated movie probably from around the 80’s, quite possibly on VHS. I dont remember the plot very well, but I know that at some point they are chased by wolves, and escape/scare/defend by using flaming wooden torches. They also cross over a very narrow cliff face at 1 point. And the part I remember the most is that at some point they go over a waterfall, and he is floating on a piece of drift wood, when a ginormous catfish is woken up underneath, and comes up and swallows him. it shows us clear view of the roof of the catfishes mouth. He then uses smoke from a fire to get the catfish to open his mouth, similar to jonah and the whale i know but this is different trust me.

also, I say “they” but I cant remember how many people there were, for the scene with the wolves I think there was 2 so lets just say around 2 protagonists.

LMK if you would like any more details but thats the majority of what I remember

Pinocchio has a “eaten by a whale” scene, with fire being built inside to free them:

In the original it was a “dogfish”, so possibly one of the many variants thereof?